What is Burst Out Loud(BOL)?

Burstoutloud (bol) is audio blogging website. It is unique itself as a first audio blogging website in India.

Here you can share your stories and ideas through audio, In which you don’t need fancy clothes and makeup.

It doesn’t require you to good in writing. Where as it only require your voice and your idea with stories which you feel and you want to express.

What is the idea behind BOL?

The idea behind it is to provide a vacant room where you can scream out loud and no one can hear you and the person hears you does not know you. With that anyone can share whatever in their heart whether it’s sad or depressing stories, a good or bad moment, me too moment, or weird moments.

Those are the moments which they don’t share with family and friends. So this is the right platform where they burst their feelings and we are here to listen to them.

How it can help someone?

This website will helps in many ways. It will helps in personal as well professional career growth.

From this website one can start his/her career as audio blogger and speaker. He can be a standup speaker in future.

Not only that but one can share their untold stories to us and we are here to listen them and publish on our blog.

It will give them a feelings of relaxed and satisfied inside whereby they will feel like virtual friend with one they can share anything what they feel and keep their heart and mind pain free.

So here one can speak out their heart feelings without any hesitation, releasing shyness and with opening their mind free feelings.